To be congruent with your Truth & align with your authentic nature, it is said that you must know which path you’re on.

Here are the three paths:

The Sage – someone who is on the mountain top, they are revered and looked up to as a guru.

The Shepherd – the person who has been to the mountain top and back. They guide others on their journey to the top.

The Struggler – the one who is “in the arena” struggling their way through life and leading by example as they courageously overcome life’s obstacles.

I see myself as a warrior (as opposed to the struggler).

I have fears and insecurities yet I show up and face my inner demons. In a previous life I battled with my dark side, however now I am learning to dance with my demons and by doing so, I’m living in the light. In fact the more I practice living in the light, the more I realize that I am the light… and I’m ready to let it Shine.